Licensed in Maryland and Pennsylvania, with connections nationwide. I can help you buy or sell beyond state lines.

I am licensed in Maryland and Pennsylvania, but what sets me apart is my extensive network of connections in other states. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a property outside of Maryland, I can leverage my professional relationships to connect you with trusted real estate agents who can assist you in your desired location. Rest assured, no matter where your real estate needs take you, I am here to ensure a seamless and successful experience.

Your next lucrative venture awaits in Maryland! Start flipping houses and turning dreams into reality!


3025 E Baltimore St

$ 429.900,00

under contract


5011 Beaufort Ave

$ 224.900,00



85 S Kossuth St

$ 250.000,00
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Prime Locations

Our hand-picked properties are strategically located throughout Maryland, ensuring access to thriving communities, excellent amenities, and a strong housing market. Whether you prefer the bustling streets of Baltimore or the serene suburbs of Montgomery County, we have the perfect location for your next venture.
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Lucrative Investment

Unlock your potential for substantial profits with our carefully selected flip houses. Each property has been meticulously vetted to offer maximum value and potential returns. With the right renovations, you can transform these diamonds in the rough into sought-after gems, reaping the rewards of your investment.

Endless Possibilities

Our flip houses boast a wide variety of architectural styles and layouts, catering to every investor's unique preferences. From charming Victorian houses to sleek contemporary designs, you'll find a property that aligns perfectly with your creative vision. Let your imagination soar as you reimagine and revitalize each space.

Renovation Ready

Our flip houses are primed for your expert touch. We provide you with houses that offer great bones and a solid foundation, allowing you to focus on adding value and transforming them into highly desirable homes. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to showcase your renovation skills and create stunning transformations.

Expert Support

Rest assured, you won't be alone on this journey. Our team of real estate professionals, contractors, and designers are here to guide you every step of the way. From initial property selection to final resale, we offer invaluable expertise and support to ensure your success.

Don't Miss Out

Opportunities like these are rare, so act now and secure your dream flip house in Maryland, USA. Join the ranks of successful investors who have turned their passion into profit. Contact us today to explore our impressive selection of properties and embark on an exciting new chapter in real estate investment.

Benefits of working with me

I am a licensed residential and investment real estate agent helping investors finding properties prime for investment opportunities. Being an investor myself, I have first-hand experience of how the business works, keeping my clients apprised of opportunities when properties come on the market. With a strong professional and social network, experienced and knowledgeable of investment property’s value in multiple areas, I will be on top of the market, following the most recent trends to help you find the right place. As a new or old investor, you want an agent who knows about neighborhoods, building structures, and different types of deals so you can close quickly on your investment property.